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Mind-Body Healing

We each have a space of calm from which we can act, which provides a pervasive healing quality to our thoughts. Decisions made from within this framework tend to be healthier and more in balance. Mind-body integration therapy helps us remember this space of peace so we operate with awareness in our daily lives.

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"When Dr. (Wallace) Iyer speaks to a group she is always very warmly received. She really seems to hit the pulse of where we're trying to bring the group. She can get people so focused immediately in that moment. It's totally amazing to work with her, and it doesn't matter if it's a small group of people, if it's a group of four or five, or if it's a roomful of people, she is just a phenomenal presence. Every time she walks into a room there's just this peaceful presence around her. She's so authenticI think that's the best word. You always feel like you are the most important person when you're talking to her."

— Dawn M. Fucillo, Director, Samaritan Regional Cancer Center & Mario Pastega House, Corvallis, OR.


Under the name, Mary Ann Wallace, MD, Dr. Mary has published several books and CDS. Visit here for more details.

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